Beiser e-Ballots

Incredibly, most electronic ballot systems used in the U.S. today do not offer any means for an individual voter to visibly verify his/her vote recorded on an actual piece of paper before the ballot is cast to be recorded.  The few systems that do offer such functionality, are proprietary, difficult and costly to inspect, as well as procure and manage.

Beiser IT Security has developed an e-ballot and e-slate management system designed to address many of the shortcomings of today’s electronic electioneering systems:

Lack of Full Auditability

Without a verified, auditable paper trail, Electronic Ballot Systems (e-ballots) are subject a whole range of hard-to-detect errors ranging from intentional fraud and manipulation, to honest coding and design errors, to machine and administrative errors.  Only systems which produce human recognizable written results can claim to be fully auditable, free of “irregularites”.   Beiser e-ballots produce a easily human recognizable printed results that the voter has the chance to verify before the ballot is cast, and can be preserved in paper form for however long necessary.

Closed Proprietary Systems More Prone to Hacking

Most systems on the market today use proprietary code, and are audited by limited pool of testers. The concept of opensource software is that it is open for inspection by anyone in the community.   If the code is well maintained, opensource software is generally considered more secure than proprietary software, because it has presumably undergone more rigorous and hostile inspection, and it’s security claims are transparent and themselves auditable.  Beiser e-ballot systems are not only opensource, but also designed (for as much as possible) to be understandable by non-programmers.  This creates a product that is more transparent and brings confidence that the product is the best, most secure product possible.

Current e-ballot Systems are Expensive to Procure, Expensive to Administer and Maintain

Thinking about updating your election districts systems?   You should have a good idea of what a typical system costs.  Consider major investments in hardware, software, administration and training, systems today are multi million dollar investments.  For a limited time, beiser e-ballot software license will be free, there-after just pennies of what other systems costs.  Our systems requires minimal investment in hardware.   We anticipate most of the costs will be related election administration, training and public awareness and education.  But the system itself is designed to be dirt cheap in all aspects we can control by design.

We are looking for partner communities and election administration authorities to work with.  If your community is interested in working with us, please contact