Beiser IT Security Announces Launch of Project


Beiser Open Badges - Logo White

Beiser ITS has announced the launch of two new product sites: and

Openbadges are a new and growing opensource product founded by the Mozilla Inc., that utilizes encryption key technology to register images, (usually representing educational accomplishments), and their authenticity validated by the issuing organization. Issuing organizations establish explicit criteria which must be met, and the issuing organization itself is responsible for determining a recipient’s (badge displayer’s) eligibility to receive the openbadge. Criteria to qualify, and decisions to bestow a badge rest entirely with the issuing organization. Openbadge earners are free to display badge images (with validation functions baked into the image) on personal and social media websites.

Badgetags, are similar to openbadges, except they have a less stringent vetting process than Openbadges.

While Openbadges are vetted by the issuing / sponsoring organization by some defined criteria (defined and evaluated by the issuing organization), badgetags can be bestowed upon anyone, without proving / validating their credentials. They are meant to be less of a product representing validation, and rather a tag acquired by self nomination, or nomination by a third party, and are used to represent self-proclaimed participation or shared values represented by the badgetag. Anyone can claim a badgetag of their choosing, or nominate (“tag”) anyone else to receive a badgetag, without having to formally present or validate any qualifying accomplishments.

Both Beiser Openbadges, and Beiser Badgetags are Mozilla OpenBadge complaint, and can be registered with Mozola Backpack. For more information on Openbages, Mozilla OpenBadges Products (including Mozilla Backpack), see is a website maintained by Mozilla is a private commercial website managed by Beiser ITS, focused on offering hosting OpenBadges granted by third parties. also a Beiser website, and complementary product to Beiser Openbadges. For more information on Beiser OpenBadges and Beiser BadgeTags, please see our websites,, or contact us at